KotorArt and SHARE Foundation invite cultural heritage and cultural and creative industry professionals and initiatives to apply for participation in the WBCHIL project

Cultural Heritage Innovation Lab
Call announcement: December 15, 2023
Submission deadline: January 10, 2024
Results will be announced by January 15, 2024
WBCHIL project (Western Balkans Cultural Heritage Innovation Lab), a collaborative initiative between KotorArt and the SHARE Foundation, within the joint Cultural Heritage Innovation Lab program. The project is designed to enhance capacities and improve performance of cultural and creative industries in the Western Balkans. The project achieves this by creating opportunities for the development of new skills, gaining professional experience, and acquiring expertise among professionals in the cultural and creative industries. Additionally, it aims to improve the level and quality of cultural production and access within the domain of sustainable cultural heritage management in the Western Balkans.

WBCHIL project is supported by the British Council through Culture and Creativity Learning Lab grant scheme as a part of the project "Culture and Creativity for the Western Balkans" (CC4WBs). CC4WBs is a project funded by the European Union that aims to foster dialogue in the Western Balkans by enhancing the cultural and creative sectors for increased socio-economic impact.

Throughout 2024, professionals and professional teams active in the fields of cultural heritage, cultural and creative industries, and cultural tourism from the Western Balkans will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, develop new skills, expand their professional networks, and develop professional expertise through a mentorship program, panels, workshops, expert lectures, study visits, collaboration, networking events, and public events. 


The call is open for initiatives and projects that integrate and actively connect cultural heritage with cultural and creative industries. Heritage-based project proposals can encompass all stages of development, ranging from incubation phase to already launched initiatives in their early stages, from projects with developed prototypes to projects with developed products ready for expansion into new markets. Initiatives aiming to create new products and services based on the integration of cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries are welcome. Proposed initiatives should be based on innovative methods for sustainable usage of cultural heritage, sustainable development principles, integration of novel technologies, and should consider potential for community and audience engagement. 

Heritage-based projects may aim to generate both economic and social value: we welcome initiatives that either strive to create novel technology enabled creative industries products and services or innovate methods and tools for the utilization of cultural heritage.

The call is open to organizations (including cultural institutions, NGOs, startups, entrepreneurs, etc.), research groups, creative professionals, and other entities from the Western Balkans that are dedicated to exploring and creating synergies between cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries.


To apply, you need to fill out the online form available at THIS link by December 31, 2023. 

The online form should be completed in English. In addition to the portfolio and basic information about the applicant, the form includes short project description. It is recommended that the project description includes the following categories: project title; objective(s); target groups and beneficiaries, with a preference for analyzing their needs, size, and gender breakdown; project background; expected outcomes and the desired impact on cultural heritage and creative industries; potential social and economic value and the innovative aspect of the proposed project; as well as information on any partnerships or collaborations related to the proposed project/initiative. 

Heritage-based projects will be assessed and selected by an Expert Jury composed of renowned professionals in the field of cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries from the Western Balkan countries. The results will be published on the project partners' websites and social media by January 15, 2024. The selected applicants will also be notified via email. Details of engagement and collaboration (rights and obligations, a detailed description, and schedule of activities) for selected heritage-based projects will be agreed upon through a Contract.


Participation in the three-day Heritage & Creativity Summit in Kotor during the last week of January 2024.

Participation in the Heritage Innovation & Collaboration Incubator – an annual mentorship program for selected heritage-based projects and initiatives. Selected heritage-based projects will have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and resources for further development of innovative initiatives that intertwine cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries through a tailor-made mentorship program and collaboration with professionals from various fields of cultural and creative industries. 

Online workshops centered around development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills, business and creative production skills, and innovative programming, efficient advocacy and community engagement models, creative economy and intellectual property rights, innovative approach to programing, as well as topics of product design, and iHeritage (application/potential of innovative technologies in the field of cultural heritage).

Participation in a 2-day tailor-made networking and education event, including site visits to associated and interested partners for selected thematic projects, which will take place in Belgrade during May 2024. 

Public presentation and/or realization of the selected heritage-based projects within the KotorArt International Festival during July and August 2024.



For any further questions about the Open Call, you can contact WBChil@kotor.art



By submitting the Application to this Open Call you give your consent for the information provided in the Application to be held on a computer or other relevant filing systems and to be shared with other accredited organizations or persons in accordance with the GDPR 2018. We will at all times process and store personal data in line with relevant legislation. The information provided will be used exclusively for the selection process. The names and basic information about selected heritage-based projects and applicants will be publicly disclosed.