KotorArt Philosophers’ Square: cultural heritage, ecology, minority rights and digital technologies

The twelfth KotorArt Philosophers’ Square is being realized this summer through music, debate and educational programs of two important projects – Contemporary Fortresses of Culture: Boka, Trebinje, Novi Sad and Modifying Error 404: Towards Green, Digital and Inclusive Societies.

The regional cooperation project titled Contemporary Fortresses of Culture: Boka, Trebinje, Novi Sad was initiated by the KotorArt International Festival, and is implemented with the support of the Western Balkans Fund and in partnership with the Mostovi NGO and Music & More SummerFest from Trebinje and the Almašani Association from Novi Sad. Part of the activities will be held at various fortresses – places that once symbolized conflict, closed and out of reach, which on this occasion will become bastions of cultural heritage, dialogue, peace, connection and diversity.

The activities of this project in Kotor include a four-day conference from July 29 to August 1, and its program consists of: a joint concert of the Montenegrin Military Orchestra and the Military Music of Upper Austria, conducted by Mila Belević and Gernot Haidegger; panel discussions on different management practices and the importance of participatory approach, valorization and sustainable management of cultural heritage in Boka, Montenegro and the region; screening of the Boka Fortress film produced by the KOD NGO, as well as performances by young Montenegrin musicians studying in Austria – vocal artists Antonija Vučinović  and Lorena Janković, and pianist Andrija Jovović. With this project, the KotorArt International Festival continues the successful practice of intertwining art with important social themes and intensifies the level of regional cultural exchange and cooperation. The project is being held in partnership with the Western Balkans Fund, the Montenegrin Ministry of Defense, the Austrian Ministry of Defense, the Austrian Embassy in Montenegro and Erste Bank.


Foto: Ranko Maraš

Referring to the error in computer network communication, the international project titled Modifying Error 404: Towards Green, Digital and Inclusive Societies aims to raise awareness on three important pillars of modern societies – digital and minority rights and the green agenda. The goals of this project, supported by the Open Society Foundations, are to support and promote ecology, environmental activism and sustainable development, promote democracy and human rights in the context of growing digitalization and strengthen social cohesion through affirmation and promotion of Roma culture and art.

The Philosophers’ Square, a segment of the KotorArt Festival, will highlight through interesting conversations the connection between society and nature, their mutual relationship and correlation. The principle of connection and conditioning that applies in nature should be an example to humans in social relations, teaching us altruism.

A specially designed segment of the Festival, launched in 2018, EKOtorArt is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development, ecology, identification of environmental problems, with practical engagement and active contribution to their solution. Several installations and sculptures made of recycled material collected by actions of cleaning our marine and coastal areas will be displayed in the Sloboda Town Park.

Under the leadership of musician and environmental activist Antonije Pušić, known as Rambo Amadeus, dynamic discussions will be organized on current issues of conservation of local and regional natural resources, intertwined with jazz concerts.

Representatives of more than 20 organizations will attend the Summer School for Digital Rights, organized by the SHARE Foundation. Presentations given by the professionals will result in more efficient networking and knowledge transfer, and the organizations involved will have the opportunity to work together on digital rights issues in the region.

The program of the European Roma Institute for Art and Culture (ERIAC) refers to the dissemination of knowledge about Roma contemporary art through public discussions and performances by musicians, who with the beauty and power of art seek to remove ethnic barriers.

This summer, the KotorArt International Festival will be held from July 1 to August 14, with a rich and diverse program, under the auspices of UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Municipality of Kotor, with the support of the European Union, the Western Balkans Fund and the Open Society Foundations, numerous embassies in Montenegro and other important partners and sponsors.