Legendary Ichak Adizes at KotorArt Festival

Ichak Adizes, world expert in management and leadership, will be a guest at KotorArt Fetsival this summer. He will be giving a lecture in The Chedi Hotel in Luštica Bay on July 16th 2019. 

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“Secrets of Success: Modern Companies and Leadership”

Lecture entitled Secrets of Success: Modern Companies and Leadership will deal with inevitable topics from business world such as: which goals, beside profit, should be the main focus of companies in their attempt to be more successful; true leadership and how to identify it; methods of conflict solving in a company, family, society. Details and application for the lecture you can find on the webpage of KotorArt festival www.kotorart.me. 

First time at International Festival KotorArt
Ichak Adizes, world expert in management and leadership, will give a lecture:
“Secrets of Success: Modern Companies and Leadership”

16. Jul 2019. / LušticaBay, Crna Gora 

„KotorArt has grown into a festival characterized by program and production capacities and their abilities to integrate various disciplines and areas with art and culture as a special communication platform. Important dates in our history, sustainable development, ecology, education, current social events and tourism are just some of the topics that have successfully been a part of our projects. This year, with lecture of Ichak Adizes, a great friend of Montenegro and great expert on situation in our country, the region and the world, and combining people from the areas of business and art, we have definitely risen a bar when it comes to necessary improvements of program and content in given social circumstances”, said Ratimir Martinović, director of the Festival. 
Ichak Adizes is one of the most esteemed consultants in the field of business and organization management. He is an expert advisor of world’s leading companies and governments and the founder of “Adizes Institute”in California. He is also a lecturer on many prestigious universities and winner of a number of awards for his author work. Ichak Adizes will also play an accordion as a guest performer at the concert of Festival Orchestra in Kotor on July 17th 2019. 

Registration until June 1st 2019
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