Fourth workshop within the European #synergy project

The fourth of six workshops of the European #synergy project entitled Professional Education and Classical Music, organized by the Kosovo Chopin Association, was held on May 9th and 11th in Pristina.


The first session of this two-day workshop, which focused on policies for sustainable development and growth of the classical music audience, was attended by Prof. Lejla Pula, Professor of Piano at the University of Pristina, Hajrulla Çeku, Minister of Youth and Culture of the Republic of Kosovo, and Arbërie Nagavci, Minister of Education of the Republic of Kosovo and Representative of the Creative Europe Board of Kosovo and the EU Commission in Kosovo.

The focus of the second session of this workshop was on presenting the structures of art education and educational programs conducted by partner festivals: KotorArt International Festival (Kotor), Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Croatia), Ljubljana Festival (Slovenia), Center of Belgrade Festivals (Serbia), Vox Baroque (Albania) and Kosovo Chopin Association (Kosovo), presented by their directors and experts in classical music. 



A total of six workshops, this one being the fourth, are organized within the #synergy project for cultural professionals in order to strengthen their capacities in the fields of classical music financing, programming, production, further education, audience development and marketing. These workshops and networking improve personal and professional connections and opens up possibilities for co-production projects at the regional and European level.

The #synergy project: Strengthening the capacities of the classical music industry in the Western Balkans, led by the KotorArt International Festival in partnership with renowned regional art festivals,supported by the European Commission, through the Creative Europe program brings together some of the renowned regional art festivals. The goals of this project are training and connecting of cultural workers, primarily those involved in festivals and art music, then encouraging the composition of new works of classical music inspired by local heritage of all partner countries, as well as promotion of networking and cooperation between young musicians, composers and organizations involved in art music in the Western Balkans.

More information about the #synergy project is available on the website